An awful game of hide and go seek

Today, I took the girls to Costco. We had a quick lunch and then went in to shop for a few things. They were energetic, but seemed like they would be fine. Usually, I can just call them back if they start running in the store, and remind them they need to either hold onto the cart or get in.

Today, that didn’t work. It was terrifying. One second they had run around the corner, and the next they were gone and it was quiet. I got a bunch of employees checking and was frantically calling their names. At one point I thought I heard them, and I guess I did because it turned out they had hidden behind the stock of diapers. There is a small space between the division of stock and wall, and they thought it would be fun to play hide and go seek.

So, into the cart they go now. Maybe, I’ll let them walk in a store again when they’re about 8. Lol, I’m almost serious about that.

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