I’m actually doing well, just up thinking the other night and decided to write. It is so helpful to write when I’m feeling extra emotional, but then later I look at it and think that I was ridiculous and too dramatic. I like parts of this one though, and so I’m putting it up haha.

Don’t want to show the depths of my pain.

How do I explain without looking insane.

How do I get close, when I feel so afraid to.

Is it safe? What am I holding onto?

How can I be kind, while also truthful?

How can I be open, but also careful?

Is it really pain, when life hasn’t been all that bad?

At least when I compare it with what others have had?

God understands me, knows me, and see me.

A glimmer of hope- a drop in the sea that grows into life and allows me to be free.

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